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Top 7 Reasons Sydney & Shire Locals are Booking Holiday Stays at Sydney Executive Garden Apartments

For years now, people wonder why Sutherland shire residents book their stays at Sydney Executive Garden Apartments. Today, we share with you seven top reasons why everyone refers to the holiday accommodation of Sydney Executive Garden Apartments as the go-to for local getaways.

Guests can stay in discreet, individual apartments, and mix with their fellow travelers as much or as little as they would like to. And in the wake of a global pandemic that has made us all far more conscious of the risks of travel, serviced apartments offer a safe and secure way to enjoy holidays and business trips.

By the end of this article, you should have seven more reasons to consider booking your next couples’ mini getaway with Sydney Executive Garden Apartments.

Zen Garden (1-Bedroom) Apartment with Japanese Stone Bath

People who visited share tales of the large Japanese stone baths at the Sutherland shire holiday apartments at first sight. The Japanese stone baths radiate even heat causing warmth on your skin while you have a bath.

Like every other visiting couple, you would love the Japanese bath accommodation in Sydney for its enhancing skin detoxification and glowing skin features. The relaxing feel from the stone bath can only be experienced not shared. You will absolutely love the amazing Japanese stone bath!

2-Bedroom Luxury Villa with Private Garden

The Sydney Executive Garden apartments offer customers a 2-bedroom luxury villa in their mini-getaway accommodation. For every holiday accommodation, the spacing of the rooms could cause a lot of difference. The 2-bedroom luxury villa provides enough spacing for indoor games, chit-chat, and private moments.

Visiting guests can enjoy the ambience and atmosphere of the garden from the comfort of their garden apartments. The 2-bedroom luxury villa apartment presents visitors with a relaxing and comfortable feeling of being at home. Enjoy the relaxing view of nature and the surrounding buildings from the mini balcony attached to every garden apartment.

5-Star Hospitality Services & Care

Young individuals, couples, mid-aged, and senior individuals from various parts of Sydney are witnesses to the exquisite 5-star hotel accommodation services of the garden apartments. From the hotel entrance to your room, you're welcomed with a receptive ambience and complementary gestures.

The cleaning, room, and kitchen services of the garden apartments are neatly and professionally done. Guests enjoy the contagious and brightening atmosphere from the staff in the hallways, reception, and every part of the garden apartments. Its hospitality services are second to none!

Highly Secure Garden Apartments

Aside from being the known Japanese bath accommodation in Sydney, the garden apartments provide its guests with tightened security. Visiting guests can trust that their belongings and valuables in the mini-getaway accommodations are safe when they exit the room for a few hours.

Sydney Executive holiday apartments follow standard security measures when redirecting visiting guests to your garden apartments. The garden apartments are protected with varieties of secure locks in all rooms making access impossible without your keycards.

Pocket-friendly Occupancy Rates

As one of the luxury garden apartments near Sutherland shire, these are relatively affordable to every person looking for a lodge in Sydney. It is surprising how couples looking for mini-getaway accommodations can take advantage of the unrestricted benefits for a fair and friendly price.

Even with the relatively affordable pricing, the management never compromises the high-quality standards of the garden apartments. The garden apartment is the only Japanese bath accommodation in Sydney with rates that are pocket-friendly to the young and old. Visiting guests never seize to be amazed at the provision o

f a mini balcony at such a ridiculously affordable price.

Access to Transportation Services & Commutable Roads

As expected, all Sydney Executive holiday apartments have access to commutable roads and transportation services. These garden apartments connect guests and location residents directly with road access to the supermarket, airports, highways, and getaway locations in Sydney.

The garden apartments have access to railway transportation services for mobility across Sutherland shire. You get a smooth ride on the train to other parts of Sydney without the worries of traffic delays. The transportation services have nearby bus ticketing and pickup spots from the apartments. You can be rest assured of a short travelling time into other parts of town.

Well-furnished Garden Apartments & Central Air Conditioning

The level of comfort provided by the Sydney Executive garden apartments is second to none with their high-class furniture settings. Each apartment displays the unique feature of modernised furniture using the finest wood design and finishing’s. Anticipate a relaxing stay!

Alongside the world-class furniture designs are strategically positioned air conditioning systems serving each garden apartment. These garden apartments provide visiting guests with a comforting stay with centralised air conditioning systems all through their stay.


You should trust and book Sydney Executive garden apartments for your accommodation needs. For years, the garden apartments maintain a high standard of providing premium and high-quality hospitality services at affordable rates to visiting guests from all parts of Sydney and beyond.

There is a COVID-19 Safe Plan in place and Joann Willoughby, your on-site host is a registered nurse – now you know you’re in good hands!

Call in to book the apartment services and enjoy limitless comfort, receptive ambience, and accommodating staff at the apartments. We promise you will get a memorable experience for your holidays, retreat, and couples’ getaways at these garden apartments.

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