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5 Ways to Rediscover Sydney With A Romantic Staycation

As Sydney emerges from the lockdown, everyone is eager to get their lives back on track. Pubs are filling up and restaurants are setting romantic candlelit tables again, as we’ve seen in many reports from local and international newspapers. The mood is great, and we all need it now more than ever.

It’s been great to just realize what we have and to get a new sense of appreciation for good old Sydney. She isn’t all that bad, in fact, she’s actually quite marvellous. In terms of the current restrictions, ours are actually quite relaxed when compared to the other states.

And, while we can’t travel internationally just yet, rediscovering Sydney with a staycation is the perfect romantic getaway. Especially for couples who need a change of scenery after being cooped up for so long, or planning a romantic anniversary or proposal.

Sydney is our home, but for many (9.3 million tourists to be exact), it’s a once in a lifetime international travel destination waiting to be discovered. They all love Sydney and a staycation with your favourite person is the perfect way to discover this spectacular city all over. Built around its magnificent harbour, beaches, and national parks, a Sydney staycation offers endless possibilities and romantic fun.

Let’s look at what makes the perfect romantic Sydney staycation...

1. Get away from home

The lockdown hasn’t been easy, and while we all love our partners dearly, it can take a toll to be stuck in the house together for weeks on end. In fact, a recent study done by the University of Sydney found that global lockdowns have affected people's overall life satisfaction, leaving us distressed, and lowering our physical and mental health.

The first step to organizing the perfect local staycation is to get out of the house… It doesn’t help if you stay at home, the idea is to have a getaway.

Sydney has some of the most relaxing, and affordable, fully furnished serviced apartments around. Don’t opt for busy hotels where you can get stuck in an elevator with 10 people, the idea is seclusion and privacy.

The Sydney Executive Garden Apartments are geared for offering a romantic home away from home. With a romantic atmosphere, a relaxing bathtub, Egyptian cotton bedding and someone else cleaning up while you’re out and about, the stress just melts away.

Guests can choose between a luxury one-bedroom intimate zen apartment with the most amazing spa bath, or the spacious two-bedroom family villa, complete with kitchen, lounge and pet-friendly enclosed garden.

2. Get Out Into Nature

Sydney is all about nature, the national parks are one of its main attractions and these days it’s the perfect getaway for social distancing.

Pack a picnic and head out for a half-day hike. We’ve all been missing the fresh air and stunning scenery

Whilst staying at the Garden Apartments, you’ll be a short 10-minute walk from the Royal National Park Sydney. You can’t be any closer to nature. The garden atmosphere created at the apartments brings the peace and serenity of the Royal National Park back with you after a relaxing day out.

3. Discover The Dreamy Secluded Beaches

Within the Royal National Park Sydney lies some of the most magical secluded beaches. While everyone is at the beaches close to the city centre, you want to be far away, somewhere you can spend time alone with your partner.

We love Wattamolla Beach, it’s beautiful and has been deserted since the lockdown. You’re bound to have it all to yourself.

4. Sunset Romantic Cruise

Sydney is all about the coast, and there can be no better, or more romantic way to view the spectacular sunset over Sydney than from a yacht or ferry cruise.

From the sea, you’ll be offered a unique view of our beloved city. But, go a bit further out and the sheer sandstone cliffs offer a new perspective. Only disrupted by arcs of golden beaches, and the tip of your champagne glass. As the warm sunset rays start to seep through, it almost feels unreal… could this be Sydney?

5. Romance After Dark - Nightlife is Picking Up Again in Sydney

Once back on land, and after a relaxing soak in the tub, there can be no better end to the day than a romantic dinner out or listening to some sweet Jazz tunes at a quiet bar.

While the lockdown has forced everyone to stay at home, no post-lockdown staycation would be complete without discovering some new and exciting venues, restaurants, pubs and clubs.

Not everything is open yet, but as your hosts, we’d be happy to make a few recommendations of the best places around. We’re here to help you plan the perfect romantic weekend or anniversary - you can call on us any time.

Sydney is a dream destination and it’s time that we rediscover its beauty. If you’re planning a romantic weekend, anniversary or just some time away with your partner, taking a weekend away in Sydney might be one of the best decisions you could ever make.

If you need any help planning, we’d love to help! Send us an email, reach out on Facebook or simply comment below.

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